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Photo Mosaic Events

Photo Mosaic stitches live event photos and guest selfies to create a larger than life branded photo collage. You select the photo collage design, branding elements and ads. Your event community works together in capturing selfie photos, along with our on-site photographer, that are merged together into a final branded collage that celebrates your event and your event guests.

Photo Mosaic creates a brand immersion at events and trade shows, generates sales leads, captures surveys, celebrates event photo moments, and covert its event attendee to your social media agents

There are two Photo Mosaic activations: Digital Media Wall and Photo Mosaic Sticker Wall.

Photo Mosaic Features:

Photo Mosaic
Digital Photo Mosaic

Photo Mosaic media wall includes a digital feed that can be put out on any event media wall.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 10.47.30
Photo Sticker Wall

Mosaic Photo Sticker Wall allows guests place their printed Mosaic Photo on a larger than life wall, to complete the master image. 


Photo Mosaic Sticker Wall.png
Make it Social

#Printing allows every event guests to participate and post photos to your Photo Mosaic, through their Instagram accounts. 


Social Engagement.jpg
Qualified Sales Leads

All participants must answer sales qualifying questions to participate.

Event Photo Moments

Photo Mosaic on-site photographers will capture specific event activities or just roam the show, engage with the attendees, and maximize Photo Mosaic reach.

Photo Mosaic_event Photographer 3.jpg
Advertising Features

Photo Mosaic activation, comes with multiple advertising and promotion features, including ads that flash across your digital media wall mosaic. 

Photo Mosaic_Ad Features.jpg
#Social Media and Digital Campaigns

#Social Media & Digital Campaigns

On-Line Crowdsourcing & Public Relations Content

Photo Mosiac Digital Campaign 4.png
Digitla Photo Mosaic Image #2.png
We Clap For You.png

Digital and social media Photo Mosaic campaigns help build community and messaging with your clients and media partners.


Digital Photos Mosaic campaigns capture client and industry photo posts through Instagram, Twitter and text in engagement. Collected photos are collaged together, to form your campaigns greater promotional image and message, perfect for public relations and on-line community crowd sourcing campaigns. If your clients look closely, they will find their posted photo, embedded into the final image.


Digital Photo Mosaic creates drip outreach and on-line campaign curiosity. Like bees to honey, your audience returns to your Mosaic, to check on its progress as it begins to reveal itself. Upon completion, your social media campaign comes its zenith, as the final reveal is distributed to your digital community.

To get started on your next social media & digital campaign, contact us here.


Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

Celebrate your brand, celebrate your event, and celebrate your guests. Photo Mosaic delivers creative inspiration to any event.

Elavon 2019 Photo Mosaic Final Image.png

Client: Evalon

Event: Synergy 2019

Objective: Photo Mosaic was used to engage and celebrate the employees of Synergy and their contribution to Evalon's success.

APTA 2019 Photo Mosaic Final.B.png

Client: National Trade Productions

Event: APTA Expo 2020

Objective: In order to promote new event branding and next years show dates at an associations annual trade show, the client chose to use photo mosaic as a way to boost on-site registration for the following year's conference.

Photo Mosaic_Creative Inspiration.PNG

Client: Lincoln Financial Group

Event: DMEC 2019

Objective: Client's Photo Mosaic was used as an in-booth crowd sourcing activation at a trade show to promote face-to-face engagement and to collect sales leads.


Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 1.46.26 PM.png
Photo Mosaic Inspiration Gallery 2.png
Photo Mosaic Inspiration Gallery 3.B.jpg
Photo Mosaic Inspiration Gallery 4.B.jpg
Photo Mosaic Inspiration Gallery 5.jpg
Photo Mosaic Photo Creativ eInspiration
Who We Are

Who We Are

3D Media Group is a full-service experiential event agency dedicated to connecting the world’s leading event organizers, brands and exhibitors to their customers in meaningful ways.

Our knowledge comes from 21 years in business and pulls directly from brand managers, associations and exhibitors. We merge insight from these three client groups to deliver unique events and promotions to every company we work with.

3D Media Group leverages its expertise in “experiential marketing” and partners with associations, independent show organizers and exhibitors to help them step outside the realm of the traditional guest event experience.


3D Media services include: corporate eventsexhibitor promotionstrade show sponsorships & video conferences.


Do you have your “creative hat” on, explore 3D Media’s portfolio of guest experience programs and expo guest experiences.



3D Media celebrates over 21 years in the event and promotion business. We have successfully helped over 1,000 events and exhibitors through consultation and creative promotions. We work with some of the country’s largest associations, smallest independent show organizers, and well-respected brands.



We really like designing and producing exceptional guest experience magic and events. Contact our creative director now. Tell us a little about your next event project.  Tel: 888.271.0418


Thanks for submitting!



We really like designing and producing exceptional guest experience magic and events. Contact our creative director now. Tell us a little about your next event project.  Tel: 888.271.0418


Thanks for submitting!

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